Paid Model List

Are you often casted for SBFW? Want to get paid to walk the runway? Subscribe to our new model list for the full year of 2020. Once you have joined our model list, every time your casted for Small Boutique Fashion Week, SBFW will give you $350 worth of tickets for you to sell for a personal profit. Want to impress a model scout? Want to invite family, friends, or clients to see you grace the runway? Need to pay for a hotel or fight? What ever the need subscribe to our mailing list to ensure the potential to make up to $350+ every time your casted for Small Boutique Fashion Week. Models will also be added to our "Model 1st" list ensuring your comp card & information will be first to go out to designers during our model selections, and national castings. Giving you a VIP leg up on the competition and ensuring your casting for SBFW.